Checklist books that may just “save your life” financially.

Simple, easy to follow steps that take the overwhelm out of finances before and after major life events.

Loss of a Loved One: Your Amazing Itty Bitty® “Before” Financial Checklist

This book is helpful if you:

  • Are starting to assist your aging parents
  • Are 50+ and thinking about the second half of your life
  • Never want to cause your family additional stress
  • Want to get your financial house in order
“Marie’s approach is that of a trusted family friend – she compassionately walks you through every step that needs to happen and when. This book completely overcomes the feeling that everything has to be done NOW.”
Arlene Pedersen

Your Amazing Itty Bitty®  Financial Checklist series

Before The Loss of a Loved One


After The Loss of a Loved One

Getting Financially Organized


Marie Burns, Author

Marie Burns, Certified Financial Planner™, started her professional career helping people balance their diet and exercise as a Registered Dietitian. Over a decade later, she began helping people balance their finances which she has now been doing for almost 20 years. Both roles really have to do with guiding others in making positive behavioral changes. When Marie realized that she was getting questions DAILY from friends, clients and family related to helping aging parents, updating family finances, and couples thinking about after they are gone, she knew she needed to write a financial checklist.

Marie writes, advises clients, and speaks to groups. Fill out the contact form below to contact Marie.

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